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About Us

Husaini is a holistic, non-profit healthcare service organization making quality medical services accessible for the Pakistani community.

Our services range from blood banking, diagnostic laboratory, transfusion, to clinical consultation. Husaini has also entered the field of education for blood related services with the Institute of Haematology.

Husaini serves with empathy and care in case of any emergencies, accidents or tragedies that occur in the region. We believe that anyone and everyone who needs blood, its components or lab diagnostics services is our concern.

Our vision is to provide compassionate care through world class and pioneering healthcare services.

Being a pioneer of blood banking services in Karachi, we’re proud to have founded Sindh’s first state-of-the-art Thalassemia and Hemophilia Centre, with all the required consultant clinical services, medical & diagnostics services for the patients suffering from these diseases.

Our Legacy

Read more about our Husaini’s story, legacy and history to learn about our journey.

Husaini Blood Bank was founded in 1979 by late Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid from his clinic in Soldier Bazar with the support of late Mr. Hamid D. Habib, Chairman, Habib Group of Companies Trust. The foresight, dedication and pioneering efforts of the trustees led to the formation of Husaini Haematology and Oncology Trust, which has now grown to a diverse healthcare services institution serving people across 30+ locations.

Our History

Husaini has been providing healthcare solutions since 1979. The timeline below shows our progress during the last 40 years.

  1. Husaini Blood Bank was founded.

  2. Affiliation with Habib Trust.

  3. Foundation of the Husaini Thalassemia Centre.

  4. Foundation of the Husaini Institute.

  5. Pathology Lab Services were started.

  6. X-Ray & Ultrasound services were introduced.

  7. Foundation of the Husaini Consultant Clinic.