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  About Us

In 1979, Husaini Haematology and Oncology Trust (Husaini) was founded by Late Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid, with a Blood Bank inside his Clinic at Soldier Bazar, Karachi. The foresight and dedication of founding father Late Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid and the Board of Trustee’s led us to the Husaini Haematology and On-cology Trust of today, an organization known for excellence in its service to the community at large without discrimination of caste, creed, religion and color.

Throughout the years, Husaini has stayed in the forefront and extended its services portfolio in various capacities by providing Safe Blood and Blood Components, treatment to Thalassaemia and Haemophilia Patients (100% charity based), Education of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine, Diagnostic Services and Discounted Pharmacy.

Husaini operates through six state-of-the-art not for profit division's i.e.

  • Husaini Blood Bank
  • Husaini Thalasseamia Center
  • Husaini Heamophilia Center
  • Husaini Institute of Heamatology
  • Husaini Diagnostic Lab
  • Husaini Pharmacy